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Sunday, April 29, 2012

{My Hand and Dupuytren's Contracture}

  • While on vacation at the Hyatt Regency in Curaçao I did discover two lumps in my left palm... 
  • Very strange and it did worry me of course. 
  • After coming home I did check in with my internal medicine doctor and he put me on Mobic, against the inflammation as it felt hot too. But it didn't do anything. 
  • Next was a visit to my specialist, the one who has been treating me since I got paralyzed ←(click it) almost completely from a rare auto immune disease, early January 2010. 
  • They diagnosed me with Polymyalgia Rheumatica and treated it with Prednisone and I also have to take weekly the Atelvia for preventing bone loss (side affect from the Prednisone). 
  • Got so happy for being completely off the Prednisone in November of last year. 
  • But now I got a new dose of Steroids injected into one of the lumps. 
  • It didn't go away though, it slightly hardened. My specialist suggested to monitor it as the x-rays didn't show him anything that would make him nervous. 
  • But it started to bother me more and more and not knowing what it actually is, created a knot in my stomach. 
  • So this Thursday I did go to see a hand surgeon at the Orthopedic Center in the next city. 
  • Well, as it turned out there is NO cure for the condition that I have and it is called Dupuytren's Contracture. ←(click it) Named after French surgeon Guillaume Dupuytren (1777-1835) ←(click it) who discovered it.

  • It seems to be rare for having those lumps in the palm of the hand, not directly under the little or ring finger. 
  • Maybe I'm lucky?

  • This is how it looks when those nodules are formed under the little and ring fingers.
  • We do know one gentleman who has this problem in his right hand, exactly like on the photo to the left in this brochure that I received.
  • Well, there is no cure and I don't need treatment as long as I can place my hand flat on a surface.
  • Let's hope it will stay that way for a long time to come!
Former President Ronald Reagan is among 5 Famous People With Dupuytren's Contracture ←click it -
I also shared my Birthday with him!

  • By checking the Internet on the Causes, ←(click it) I also learned that it may be associated with an autoimmune reaction, where a person's immune system attacks its own body tissues. 
  • That happened in January 2010 when I ran a high fever and had a SED rate as high as it possibly could get, due to inflammation somewhere in my body. The Prednisone performed miracles for me.
  • A body is a tricky machine!

  • Risk factors... People from Northern European descent, they call it even the Viking Disease.
  • Diabetes also seems to be a risk factor. I do did have Diabetes Mellitus, or Type 2 but keep it under control by diet. 

  • Here they again list that it occurs more frequently in patients with diabetes mellitus←(click it).

  • How it is diagnosed? ←(click it)
  • Good to read that it may be painful in the beginning... so I might get rid of that after a while.
  • I also have noticed that with rainy weather it will be felt more. 
  • Not a real pain but some nagging feeling.
  • Well, it is nothing to applaud about but I thought it might be helpful for sharing this with others.

As is evident, lots of people have read here...

Let's enjoy the weekend as it will be my husband Pieter's Birthday on the 29th! 

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  1. i am sorry, mariette. but glad you know what it is, why you may have gotten it, and what to watch for if it happens to progress (which i truly hope it does not). thank you for the education on it.

  2. Dear Marriete
    I wish not to proceed with any other syndrome diagnosed by a doctor and not hurt. Take care of yourself. Happy Birthday to your beloved husband.
    Have a beautiful and a separate weekend

  3. Dearest Mariette,

    It saddens me deeply to read of your health problems. Maybe there is no cure doctor's can find but I will be praying to the GREATEST PHYSICIAN who can perform amazing miracles. Praying without ceasing for GOD's miraculous touch.

    You are an amazing lady! Your heart is gentle and so loving. I'm glad to be your friend.

    You write in such a beautiful way to share your story with other's in hope that they too can be helped.

    Something that I found interesting is that you had a rare auto immune disease that left you almost completely paralyzed. I would like to research some more on that, because my dear friend I too have and still do have paralysis, which begins alwasy in my face then arm. If it happens in my sleep my arm feels so heavy and I wake with a huge fright and run to the door. I think that is an automatic reaction to get help. Anyway, the doctor put me on Mobic also. I no longer have Mobic now, as they treat me for Panic Attacks Disorder. But I feel in my heart that the panic attacks are only a side affect of the real cause. The doctor's do not know I feel. But I can tell you that God takes great care of me. Later, the doctors discovered lesions on my brain, in what they call the deep white matter. Which is the part of brain that cannot be operated on. It was thought I have Multiple Sclerosis. The lesions are the same, they will always be there but because they do not change and I am not in a wheelchair and many other things I believe God has cured me of MS. Anxiety, panic attacks, I am still suffering but God helps me through my days.

    Oh dear, I have written so much.

    Anyway, dearest Mariette, you are so-oo special. You have so many members here on your site, and I feel blessed that I am one of them and that you visit me leaving carbon footprints of love on my heart forever.

    God bless you. With love and care, Kerrie xOx plus Mega Hugs!!!

  4. I don’t know but I’ve been told,
    (I don’t know but I’ve been told,)
    Someone here is ? years old.
    (Someone here is ? years old.
    The bad news is we sing off key,
    (The bad news is we sing off key,)
    The good news is we sing for free,
    (The good news is we sing for free,)
    Happy Birthday!
    (Happy Birthday!)
    Happy Birthday Pieter!
    From, Jaiden, Kerrie and Leigh (Your Aussie Family)

  5. Hello!
    I read your post with great interest as I've had Dupuytren's for years. My former husband is a physician and after taking a look at my right palm, gave me the news. I don't experience pain, so far I am able to flatten my hand. I realize that it will likely worsen as I age. Just wanted you to know, there is another blogger who shares this with you.
    Happy birthday to your husband!!!

  6. Dearest Mariette,
    Reading about Dupuytren's has been quite interesting as I wasn't familiar with this diagnosis. Sorry that you have experienced the symptoms, and were uncertain for a while as to what was causing it. Having the right diagnosis helps to know what to expect, and the potential treatments.

    Thinking of you, my dear friend, and wishing Pieter a very happy birthday. You both have a marvelous weekend!!


  7. Happy Birthday to Pieter! May the week-end be filled with joy and sunshine!! xo C.

    Dearest Mariette, I am praying that it never worsens for you and that the fascia will ease and that the pain goes away. Blessings to you, for sharing this, as it may indeed help others to seek the proper help they need.

    Hugs, Love and blessings xo C. (HHL)

    P.s. I did receive your email .. I will be responding tomorrow as, I think I best be getting to bed. xo

  8. I'm sorry you have been given another health problem and I hope that it will move very slowly along so you aren't in pain and overburdened. The body has so many amazing interactions and this condition is another. God bless.

    Happy Birthday to your husband and hope you both have a very good day!

  9. Ooo jee, dat is niet leuk.
    Snap wel dat je er van geschrokken bent, als je niet weet wat het is.

    Mijn man heeft dit al jaaaaren, en is er toenertijd mee naar de dokter geweest, die zei dat er pas wat aan gedaan wordt als je je vingers niet meer recht kan krijgen!!
    Hij voelt er niets van, en heeft er geen beperkingen door.
    Het is al zeker 10 jaar hetzelfde, de 'bult' wordt wel langzaamaan wat dikker, maar hij kan zijn hand nog steeds gewoon plat leggen.

  10. Dearest Mariette,
    So sorry to hear that you have to go through these physical problems.
    I deeply wish the way you said that " hope it will stay that way for a long time to come!", my dear friend. And I feel the same way our body is a tricky machine!!!
    I had been in tears so many days at night when I discovered I have problem in my pituitary gland; I am not sure when I have to take the medicene for osteoporosis. Today's post of yours is full of technical terms, so I will stay away commenting on that point. I just want to say that sending you much thoughts form Japan and take care of yourself.
    Please have a wonderful birthday party for your beloved husband and wish you two have a nice time.
    Lots of Love and Hugs to you, xoxo Miyako*

    ps> It has been hectic several days for me and I am so sorry not to have visited you lately. I haven't commented for my friends (^_^;)

  11. Cara Mariette mi dispiace che tu hai questo problema!Sii ottimista che non peggiori!La tua condivisione puo' essere utile!Andiamo avanti e non perdiamo mai la speranza!Auguri al tuo Peter!Un abbraccio!Rosetta

  12. Ik hoop dat het allemaal weer goed komt Mariette! Mijn man heeft hetzelfde gehad, ook in vingers en handpalmen. Hij is daar toen aan geopereerd.Het is allemaal goed gekomen en ook zijn vingers staan weer recht. Sterkte Mieke

  13. My dear Mariette..I am here (Ramblingon) on my kitty's blog account as I am still posting for her..but I wanted to say that while I was undergoing physical therapy for my wrist and hand that had been broken, I met a gentleman with that very condition and listening to the therapist as she spoke to him, I learned quite a bit about it.

    I wish you did not have to go through that but I am thankful it is something that can be dealt with.

    warm hugs to you. Carole (Michiko's friend)

  14. Liebe Mariette,
    das habe ich noch nie gehört. Aber es gibt natürlich vieles, von dem ich keine Ahnung habe. Ich hoffe, du wirst diese Probleme bald wieder los, ohne größere Medikamente.
    Und natürlich wünsche ich Pieter alles Gute zum Geburtstag (aber das darf er erst morgen lesen).
    Liebe Grüße, Johanna

  15. My husband was diagnosed with this several years ago. It is the ligaments in the hand that control the fingers. For him it is from shifting gears all the time after trucking for 40+ years. They said they do not operate unless the fingers become completely constricted.
    Sorry you have this condition.

  16. Nee ook ik heb er nog nooit van gehoord! Maar wat vervelend voor je Mariette! Er zijn natuurlijk ergere dingen, maar toch is het niet leuk.
    Sterkte ermee en toch n fijn weekend en n fijne verjaardag voor Pieter!

  17. It's not funny to get a diagnose but it's always better to know what it is. I hope you don't get worse. My father had the viking fingers but it not got any worse so he get used to it. Have a nice weekend.


  18. Hei Mariette,

    Dat is niet zo leuk om zoiets te krijgen. Hopelijk heb je er niet veel last van en gaat het gauw weer beter.

    Voor morgen een fijne verjaardag van Pieter, alvast gefeliciteerd.

    Groetjes Sandy

  19. Dearest Mariette,
    I am so sorry to hear of your problem with the hand. I pray that it doesn't progress to interfere any more than now. Maybe, as you say, the pain will soon subside.
    As you know, I have immune problems that we are still trying to understand. Mine seem to be related to medications.
    I did not realize you had those problems last year. You are so brave and nothing seems to slow you. Please take care of yourself.
    You are in my prayers. Happy Birthday Pieter!!
    Love to you both ,Ginger

  20. Hi Mariette,

    I am sorry to hear that you have this disease. Must admit that I found this post my looking for Dupuytren's on twitter and saw your post. Did you know that there is also a form of this in the foot called Ledderhose? This is what I have, as a result I have a blog dedicated to looking into Dupuytren's and Ledderhose and have interviewed many patients with Dupuytren's and Ledderhose in a variety of different stages which you might find helpful to read or you might even like to do a guest post on my blog? Anyway good luck with treating this :-)



  21. I am glad to know it does not hurt. It looks painful.

    I am trying to catch up on my blogging. I have been so busy all month. Its a rainy day here in south FLA :(

    Hope your day is bright!


  22. Hallo Mariette,
    also ehrlich gesagt habe ich darüber noch nie etwas gehört, aber mittlerwiele gibt es ja sovieles wovon man noch nie gehört hat.
    Nun wünsche ich Dir auf jeden Fall gute und rasche Heilung ohne großen Umstand!
    Na und dann gratuliere ich Pieter ganz herzlich zum Geburtstag und wünsche Ihm alles Liebe und Gute, vorallem aber beste Gesundheit :)
    Feiert recht schön und sei Du ganz herzlich gegrüßt

  23. Dearest Mariette,

    So sorry that you have been having this pain and problem, but it must be a relief to learn what it is.
    I have never heard of Dupuytren's Contracture, so thanks for sharing this with us.
    Wishing Pieter the happiest birthday, and hope that you both have a wonderful new week


  24. Hoop dat het weer goed komt Mariette, het is wel iets aparts.Met het ouder worden krijgen we soms rare vervelende dingen.Sterkte gewenst!

    Lieve groetjes Janny

  25. Dear Mariette,
    I want to wish Pieter the Happiest Birthday! And I'm sorry that you are having those problems.
    May God's comfort be with you!

  26. My Dearest Mariette
    I hope so many physical problems which was I am for problem in myself but I need be careful for my remember
    writing in paper for on times.

    Everything play that it doesn't programs to be related to the medications.

    The happy with Pieter Birthday with your lovely times.

    Parliament to be related to the happy with Pieter's

  27. It's certainly good to know about these kinds of things. A friend's son several years ago came down with an autoimmune disease and nearly lost his sight. He has been taking a lot of steroids to stabilize his condition, with injections and surgeries on his eyes. Very distressing for his mom and caused him depression for awhile. I have a friend who has a lump on her wrist that keeps coming back over and over. I think my mom might have something like that too. Our bodies sure sometimes do things that are very hard to figure out. Happy belated birthday to your hubby! Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  28. Zag net in je 'zijkant' van je blog deze post staan..wist je dat "Mijn Piet" dit ook heeft in zijn rechterhand...

  29. I arrived here because i noticed same lumps as you have ... only in the palm!!!
    I still have to go to doctor but porbably is the same disease due the same "look"..
    Im the only one in my family so is strange , or not.....
    Hope we keep only this lumps and not progress more....i need my two hands and fingers because im artist , musician .I wish you the best! kisses!

  30. Eigenlijk wilde ik reageren op de foto van Pieter in Frankrijk, maar zie nu dit bericht in de zijkolom. Mijn man en zijn tweelingbroer hebben dit ook, en hun vader had het ook. Hoe is het bij jou nu? Lieve groet Willy

    1. Beste Willy,
      Ja, je realiseert je pas als je er zelf mee geconfronteerd raakt, hóeveel mensen dit hebben.
      Zoals het nu gaat heb ik geen last en geen klachten en hoop dat het nog heel lang zo mag blijven!

    2. Fijn dat het niet erger wordt en dat je geen last hebt.

  31. Very interesting that I should find my way here, because I'm quite sure, that I have the same thing, or similar.

    Mine was nothing but a tiny lump for a long time. But it now hurts and seems associated with what I figure is arthritis in my ring finger.

    Do think I should get to a "hand doctor" and begin to deal with this...

    Thank you for the information.

    🌸 🌷 🌼 🌺 🌸

    1. Dearest Kim,
      Yes, you better find yourself a good hand specialist!
      Thanks for commenting here so I got to update the total views as well; over 4,000 more as what was shown here above.
      Good luck and all the best!

  32. I have the same problem Lump or Tumor. In the middle of my hand it feels like mine is getting bigger.I don't know if I must just leave it and see what's gonna happen or maybe must I go and see a doctor about it. It feels like in my left hand is also gonna be one.it is still small is not as big as the one in my right hand. It feels warm inside and the pain is like needles. I would love to hear from you

    1. Dearest Leon,
      Of course each person reacts different and so goes the development of Dupuytren's contracture. You best check with a hand specialist!
      Good luck and all the best!

  33. Mio marito ha il Dupuytren,non ha mai fatto nulla,ma col passare degli anni è diminuito di molto.Ciao

    1. Cara Olga,
      Per quanto mi riguarda, da quell'unica iniezione, non è mai peggiorato e anche il dolore è scomparso.

  34. I am 64, Northern European, & drink alcohol. All thought to be associated with this disease, among other things. (It’s also called “The Vikings Disease”). These started popping up in both hands within the last few months. I’m hoping by doing the stretches & massage I can keep it from spreading up into my finger(s). Just today did my hands start to hurt. I’m so glad I researched this and came across your blog. I will continue to read your blog and appreciate your sharing this.

    1. Dearest Lisa,
      You are quite welcome and glad it gave you some more information. You always can see a hand surgeon and hoping it will not give you too much trouble!

  35. It is funny that I discovered this today. My husband and I were both diagnosed with this condition a few years ago. It hasn't advanced, for which I'm grateful. I believe there is a surgical fix if it gets bad enough. I'm so sorry you suffered paralysis; that must have been terrifying. Blessings, Darla Sands

    1. Dearest Darla,
      Mine also did not advance, so I'm lucky!
      That paralysis was the biggest scare for both of us and Prednisone helped but affected my kidneys...

    2. Mine looks identical to yours. Horizontal and in both hands.

  36. I have it in my feet and hands. Up to a dozen lumps at a time. I even named them: Freyda, Thor, Odin...

    I had just given up on being able to walk comfortably. BUT I put it in remission through ACUPUNCTURE!!!!

    It took 6 months, but during the 6 months, the acupuncture was a lifesaver for the other autoimmune issues I had. After 3 years of no follow up, the Vikings Disease came back so I need to restart the treatment but 3 years of remission and no follow up is AMAZING. Find a good acupuncturist (different countries have different training; since you travel a lot, you can learn more easily; you'll definitely want a referral).

    1. Dearest reader,
      Glad that acupuncture helped you and probably will do so for this second round!


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