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Here I would love to share with you our travels and adventures as international mushroom consultants. MEMOIRS about husband Pieter Vedder, who was a SCIENTIFIC PIONEER in Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Education. His practical handbook is in 9 languages and is called the MUSHROOM BIBLE: https://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/2020/08/modern-mushroom-growing-2020-harvesting.html

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Pieter was Member of the Photo Club and took this Photo at the Liège/Belgium Farmers Market

 With the entire Photo Club, where Pieter for years was an avid member of, they went to Liège in Belgium to the Farmers Market.

This was in the 1970s

An older Belgian gent (look at his cufflinks!) holding his puppy inside a Jaffa oranges crate...
While in the other hand holding a sausage for the puppy to feed on.

With this Photo Club the members got to photograph certain subjects and they had to develop and adjust their photos all by themself. 
Pieter did have his own dark room inside the Dutch Training Centre for Mushroom Growing as he also was an avid photographer for training purposes. 
Slides for use inside the classroom and for lectures at Congresses, Conferences .
Both, in macro and normal.
Pieter also produced the photos for his many books, all himself!

This very photo earned Pieter a 2nd place award at the local Dublin Fine Arts photography exhibit on January 10, 1993

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Over 1st Half of 1974 Our Mushroom Growing Training Centre Yielded 63% First Quality

In relation to my previous post: Our Dutch Mushroom Growing Training Centre Yielded YEAR ROUND TOP QUALITY MUSHROOMS! 

This photo shows the facts:

Classes taught by husband Pieter in German
12 growing rooms of 150 m²
12 week schedule
1973 yielded 52 crops x 20.4 kg/m2 with 60% 1st quality; 20% 2nd and 20% 3rd.
1974 1st half 18.6 kg/m2 yielded 63% 1st quality at 2.56 Dutch Guilder average market value.
The mushroom industry changed a lot over the last decades.
As a result of better composting techniques, supplementing, climate control and more productive strains, yields of 25–30 kg/m² in two or three breaks are quite normal.
With the introduction of the bunker–tunnel technique, the 12–week schedule inside the growing rooms has been shortened drastically, thus adding a lot to the production!
Of course all that is being mentioned in great detail inside our new book: modern mushroom growing 2020 harvesting | available WORLD WIDE at 40,000+ booksellers as print on demand

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

My First Trip to Prague with Pieter

 On September 22 of 1996, we both went on a 12–day bus tour from the South of The Netherlands to Prague, Budapest and Vienna.

Arrival in Prague, at our Opatov hotel and enjoying the national drink, a Becherovka
Ready for dinner in my Escada outfit from the Outlet.
The Chanel belt bag proved very handy on this trip. Found it at the Jakarta Chanel boutique.
After dinner we went into the city for enjoying Krizikova Fountain.
This musical fountain got built in 1891
That was quite impressive!
Next day we went to view this 14th Century Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady before Týn, with its 80 m (262 ft) tall spires.
Having my Burberry umbrella on the ready... Wearing my Burberry blazer and Chanel loafers over Escada trousers and top (Outlet treasures!)
This Gothic Cathedral is right on the Old Town Square in Prague.
To the right in a cozy café is where we went for a coffee...
Our coffee stop was most welcome!
The vest I wear here is my own sewing creation... 
When I discovered those great Outlets here in the USA, I quit creating my own clothes!
Travel companion Enne de Groot from Texel, The Netherlands was so kind to make a picture of the two of us!
Pieter in his still favorite Burberry shirt, a tax-free find while doing our mushroom consulting work.
After our coffee by 12 noon we went to see the Old Town Hall.
That's where the 12 Apostles come by at those two top windows above the Astronomical Clock known as the Orloj, after their shutters open at the hour.
Old Town Hall got establishes in 1338!
See more here for a 3D virtual tour and Video.
We started our guided walking tour here at the River Moldau
The famous Charles Bridge in Prague that crosses the Vltava River.
Its construction began in 1357 and completed in the 15th Century. 
Replacing the previous Judith Bridge, constructed from 1158–1172, that got damaged by a flood in 1342.
On the Charles Bridge, at the copper embossed image of St. John of Nepomuk, the court priest of King Wenceslas IV. 
He got tortured and drowned in the River Vltava.
  By touching it, you could make a pious wish.
Prague even proves to be beautiful on a very cloudy day...
We enjoyed a knowledgeable guide to walk through the city.
She spoke Dutch and she even picked up that I came from the South, from Limburg; impressive!
It took a few hours, this guided walking tour!
Both of us found in an old alley a cozy restaurant... Pieter looking very happy for finally sharing this fabulous city also with me!
Next day on September 24, we go to the other side of Prague to see the St. Vitus Cathedral and Castle.
Exceptional stained glass work in the St. Vitus Cathedral 
This is Art Nouveau style in the Arch Bishop's chapell
Next day we went on our way to Budapest...

Have any of you been to Prague?

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Czechian Mushroom Scientist Friends Ivan Jablonský and Antonín Srb

 For quite some years Pieter had known Czechian Mushroom Scientists Ivan Jablonský and Antonín Srb.

Both of us met them also at the ISMS Congress, in Braunschweig, Germany where they lectured.

Recycled Casing Soil in the Culture of Agaricus bisporus by Ivan Jablonsky and Antonín Srb.

That was on September 20-26 of 1987, still during the era of Communism for them...

Card from Ivan Jablonsky and Antonín Srb, for wishing us a good 1987
Photo shows Pholiota Adiposa, from the Strophariaceae family and commonly known as Chestnut mushrooms.
Ivan Jablonsky did work at a Dutch mushroom farm of Gert Phillipsen in Ysselsteyn, Limburg and also attended classes at the Dutch Training Centre.
Sadly, Ing. Antonín Srb passed away 25 years ago...
Pieter still has occasionally contact with Ing. Ivan Jablonský

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{XIIth ISMS Braunschweig, Germany Plate of 1987} | previous post by me

Friday, January 22, 2021


 While working and living in Indonesia for the world's largest mushroom farm, I wrote the following:



1) Please pick us by the 'one–touch–technique' and don't move us into your hand, bruising and scratching us.

2) Don't pull us off the beds, but with a twisting motion; that hurts less – and please; don't scratch us with your long finger nails.

3) Don't cut us wrong because that looks ugly and we often end up with some soil on stem.

4) Please don't throw us into the tray, because that way we get bruised, but gently put us inside.

5) Don't overfill the trays, so that the ones on the bottom are still happy and not crushed.

6) Please pick us in time. We are like you; we like to be pretty and good looking; not oversized or open.

7) Don't make our babies sick by spreading diseases (contamination) with dirty hands, long hair, wide sleeves, bangles etc.

8) Please don't put us in the sun or wind in front of the shed. We are loosing weight very rapidly and our skin will turn brown and even peels off.

9) Don't smash us into the truck, because a number of us will get wounded – but handle the 'keranjang-keranjang' (trays) gentle.

If you don't forget these points, you can still see us smile, after processing, in the glasses, proud to travel to Green Giant in the U.S.A.

We, Dieng Djaya mushrooms, like to be the happiest and prettiest ones and so become the favourite choice of all people in the U.S.A.

My own design laser cut lacquered brass mushrooms that I sold thousands of at Congresses.

Read an entire CHAPTER about HARVESTING in our newest book that is available WORLDWIDE as Print on Demand, at 40,000+ booksellers

modern mushroom growing 2020 harvesting

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Czechian Mushroom Scientist Friend Miroslav Staněk

For decades, Pieter was friend with Czechian Mushroom Scientist Miroslav Stanĕk.

Mind you, this was still during the era of Communism! 

Dr. Stanĕk participated at several ISMS Congresses, like in 1969 in Hamburg where he lectured about 'The effect of cellulose-decomposing microorganisms on the growth of the mushroom'.

ISMS London in 1972 where Dr. Stanĕk lectured about 'Microorganisms Inhabiting Mushroom Compost during Fermentation'.

ISMS Tokyo and Taipei 1974 'Bacteria Associated with Mushroom'. Pieter missed that one, due to his kidney stone problem he ended up in the hospital and one of his teachers presented his lecture instead.

ISMS Bordeaux in 1979 was another where Dr. Stanĕk lectured.

Dr. Stanĕk's wife also was a microbiologist but, during Communism it was never allowed for husband AND wife to travel both outside of the country! Just imagine that...

Equally complicated it was for entering from the FREE WEST into any communist nation!

They could be very nasty behind the Iron Curtain.

When Pieter produced an invitation for lecturing, with his name and photo, he suddenly became a most welcome 'Comradsky'...

Here, Pieter is seen in the 1970s in Prague at one of their Conferences, Dr. Stanĕk is seen on the right.

The participants in Prague, and keep in mind, this was during the Communism era!
When Pieter asked what he could bring them, due to scarcity of certain items, he got asked to bring zippers and panty hose. 
Nobody in the Free World understands such lifestyle...
After one of such meetings in the Prague area, with local mushroom growers, several of them rushed to purchase a large folkloristic doll to give to Pieter's little (adopted) daughter Lizzy.
At times, Pieter did travel with her and his ex and Dr. Stanĕk, who had no children himself, loved her very much and always took her by her hand to walk with her.
He also begged Pieter to put her on the train for traveling to Prague, to stay with the Stanĕk couple but his ex never liked that idea... SAD!
Miroslav Stanĕk got mentioned in the MGA Literature list about the mutual relationship between cultivated fungi and micro-organisms published 1976 in German in Der Champignon, 174, 10-20
Symposium 2-5 October 1979 in the ČSSR or Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
Both of us met Dr. Stanĕk last in Budapest, Hungary in 1984 during the Conference there.
Book received about FRANTIŠEK KOŽÍK
COMENIUS (1592-1670 )
Budapest, Friday, October 26, 1984...
Christmas card
The Castle of Prague
Wishing us a Happy New Year 1987
Sadly this great Scientist friend died on February 21, 1987...
On page 67 in our book: modern mushroom growing 2020 harvesting, we did mention this great scientist.

Monday, January 18, 2021


Just have to vent this...

Sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you stand. A perfect quote!

On May 2, 2017, while at rehearsal on the risers in our local theatre with our Knight Owl choir, I fell off the 2nd to top riser... 
Husband Pieter who was in the theatre, did videotape my tumble down! It scared him tremendously.
Now to explain, we were on very narrow risers, not meant for doing the choreography we had to do!
There was absolutely no guard rail - nothing.
Some 20 years earlier, those got purchased for having little girls stand on them and sing.
These risers are 36" (91 cm) and have guard rails!
The ones we had to do our choreography on, were ONLY 24" (61 cm) and NO GUARD RAILS
Our choreographer Lisa, in a video, teaching us the steps... which we learned and I flipped off right away, since there was NO WAY to make her size of steps on such a limited space!
The front row singers had the floor... no problem.
There never was a linear line up. 
Taller singers were right in front of you, which made seeing Kelly very difficult.
When I fell down, Suella, a tall front row singer, blurted out: 'Let her get up on her own!' 
How nice... 
When I was trained, paid and responsible for any first aid incidents at the practical training college in The Netherlands, I dealt with all the legal issues, such as calling the police, ambulance and above all - calming the person down!

But I toughed it out and performed, even with my severely bruised wrist/thumb and foot.
Ending on crutches afterward... 
Not being able to do some much needed weeding in our garden and not even able for guiding tours on May 20, when we did have people come for a Garden Tour, a fund raiser for Carol, one of my Knight Owl Choir members, for her Garden Club.
In 2018, after another fall (at home) I ended up on crutches for 3 months, due to a double, but closed pelvic bone fracture.
BUT after having been granted a 'safer' status afterwards, on March 27 of 2019, I got again ordered to stand on the top riser.
NO WAY!!! Was my very firm reaction!
Kelly, on May 2nd 2017, I tumbled down the top riser and though nothing broken, I still suffer from persistent (micro) trauma. It will take another year I got told by Dr. Tammy Gephart in Marietta on Wednesday last week, before it is all gone! Cannot polish my nails, nothing... And last year on March 27, when I had those killer cramps and jumped out of bed, falling on my left hip, which caused the double closed pelvic bone fracture makes me vulnerable. Lowering that risk is a MUST!
This was on Dec. 3, it is better now but still takes ONE YEAR according to Dr. Gephart.
Embarrassing but this is one of my 'secrets'... Haha! But please don't put me on the top riser — I'M SCARED!
Letter from Dr. Gephart where she explained:
After careful review of Pathology results it is determined that patients toenails is and was damaged due to her falling off the bleachers (risers) on May 2, 2017. Pathological results do indicate trauma to the nail plates bilateral. If there are any questions or concerns about the information provided above please feel free to contact our offices and select option 3.
Tammy Gephart DPM
For years I've traveled the 250 km (155 miles) one-way to see Dr. Gephart! 
On May 19, 2019 this is what I put on the choir's GroupMe
Sad about not having this greatest show on YouTube, like in 2017
That was a great day yesterday with lots of energy! Jennifer, you did bring me back to my younger years when I was in Fashion School as your dress so much looked like the Pop Art Fashion of the 60s that we had to design! Your writing here is also excellent - nothing what I can add to that. Only sad that our daughters, Goddaughters, family and friends can NOT see any of the 'American system' DVD. We were lucky in 2017 with the YouTube version that could be shared over all continents... And it looks that since my fall in 2017, I'm still kind of 'trailing' on the program as my name was not correct (Mariete) and for some reason out of the alphabetical listing.
Kelly tried to silence me and not in a nice way. 
She managed to get rid of me by exclusion bullying.
Two days after the Revue, Pieter and I flew to the Netherlands, for visiting Dad one final time...
On the day of his cremation, Pieter found Kelly's message on the iPad, that she had removed me and that I was not welcome back in August!
Still I did go to their 1st rehearsal, to confront her in person and also to thank the choir members for all the love received during Dad's passing (got ONE sympathy card!)...
I asked Kelly what she'd written in the GroupMe to all other choir members, about me, after first removing me. 
No reply of course she was too cowardly! 
Actions speak louder than words...
Witnesses may be drawn in as 'secondary abusers'.

Got it all taped (carried Pieter's iPhone for that purpose inside my mesh Vogue backpack).
When I got back from confronting Kelly...

Got enough material for a lawyer, including her copyright infringements (that's how the lady providing her with such, got her spot on the floor in the 1st row). 

But her FINAL JUDGE will be taking care of all this...

Now at least you know why I'm no longer singing.

After a 22 year career for Kelly with her four different age groups, Covid took care of it all...
We practiced inside the First Baptist choir room, except for final rehearsal a the theatre.
Each of us paid her a one time fee (for the music sheets) of $ 25.00 and ten times $ 25.00 per month.
We also had to dress in a certain way, so there was more involved.
For performance at the University of Georgia for singing the National Anthem, we had to drive a good 3 hours one way. Another Fair we had to drive to in about 2 hours, one way.

We did it all with pleasure.

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Husband Pieter was the 3rd VEDDER Ensign Bearer in Groessen, The Netherlands

 It is always most interesting to look back at your heritage and discovering a clear line of certain events that got passed on.

Pieter's Granddaddy Theodorus Wilhelmus Vedder, proudly holding the banner of Schutterij De Eendracht Groessen, Gelderland in The Netherlands.
Now called Schutterij EMM Groessen...
They got founded in 1895 and we presume that Pieter's Granddaddy was holding the banner on their 25th anniversary year in 1920!
Yes, our guess about 1920 was correct!
Just received this photo from EMM's chairman John de Lorijn for which we are very grateful.
So this is the banner which Pieter's Granddaddy is holding in the 1st photo!
Pieter's Dad is seen here 2nd from left...
Here, husband Pieter proudly on his Fongers bike, wearing his new special made authentic uniform.
Pieter was the commander of the Ensign Bearers and he had to travel to Amsterdam for having this historic uniform tailer made.
Pieter seen to the right. 
It was a navy blue top on a white pant.

A side note about Pieter's Fongers bike.
The rear axle had a 3-speed Sturmy Archer nave.
Pieter with his friend Jan Rutgers, had all parts re-chromed!
Feeling so proud of his almost new looking 2nd hand bike!


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