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Here I would love to share with you our travels and adventures as international mushroom consultants. MEMOIRS about husband Pieter Vedder, who was a SCIENTIFIC PIONEER in Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Education. His practical handbook is in 9 languages and is called the MUSHROOM BIBLE: https://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/2020/08/modern-mushroom-growing-2020-harvesting.html

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Husband Pieter and his Beloved Honey Bees

 Husband Pieter was a Beekeeper!
Pieter proudly stands next to another bee keeper (and Pieter's mentor), Henk de Ruyter, with his four beehive boxes in the late summer of 1944. 
Pieter was 15 years old and yes, he smoked... Did so till he turned 50.
The bomber jacket Pieter is wearing got sewn by their house seamstress Marie Clabbers from found military material... more than likely German.

Pieter did bring his 4 beehive boxes and those of Henk, to the heath with the horse and wagon.
That now is 19 km Interstate, across the River Ijssel and there was no place for sitting on the wagon, going there, due to all the beehives.
Sadly, Pieter lost all of his beehives while they were out on the heath at Terlet, during the end of WWII.
They were placed near the location where the Battle for Crossing the River Rhine took place.
You all know the movie: A Bridge too Far...
All he found back, was stove wood... That was the end of his beloved honey bees!

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Friday, November 27, 2020

High Tea Prepared and Baked by Me and History taught by Pieter J.C.Vedder

Like to show you yet another Hight Tea Table, our donation to the local Rotary Club's bi-annual auction. 

Yep, the day before I'd been rather busy in the kitchen as I did all the baking, except for the 3 varieties of cookies and 4 kinds of European Chocolates.
As I was about to mention all I'd created, for capturing on video and for my Parents back in The Netherlands, I got interrupted... 
By someone, not dressed appropriately for a High Tea! Ignoring any etiquette...

Did not have the time on June 28, 1998 for making photos, so these is a still shots from the video.
In the center you see my Stracciatella Cream Torte; Bottom center is my Peach Cheesecake (actually a real Quark Torte) on a Baked Bottom; Bottom Left is my Mocha Ice Cream Torte garnished with Pirouettes Wafers and Chocolate Coffee Beans.
On the Left with Red Ribboned Bow is my Tiramisu-Charlotte Torte. 

Top left are cookies... a total of three European varieties I had.
Tablecloth used is our Portuguese Guimarães white work, we bought in Coimbra in 1994 while on tour through Spain Portugal for 19 days.

Top Center in white square is my Italian Tiramisu, made with Mascarpone and dusted with Dutch Chocolate
Top Right is my home baked Open Fruit Pie.
Bottom Right is my Dr. Oetker Chocolate Cream Torte garnished with Swiss Chocolate and Maraschino Cherries.
A total of 7 different Tortes and Pies...

There were Dark Chocolate Non-Pareils and three more European Chocolates.

While I captured this little memory of all the work, husband Pieter was giving a general lesson on the etiquette and history of a High Tea in the living room.
He always will remain a teacher!

Have you ever hosted, prepared and singlehandedly baked a High Tea?

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

modern mushroom growing 2020 - harvesting - published in Mushroom Business

 Via Snail Mail we did receive the English language Mushroom Business bi-monthly magazine.

It arrived close to November... and a week later we received 'already' their November issue.

We both are grateful to the owner Roel Dreve, of Mushroom Business (click link above). 

'Modern mushroom growing 2020 - Harvesting'

Pieter and Mariette Vedder have published a new handbook for mushroom growers, which combines their expertise of 60 years of training and consulting.

Pieter Vedder counts as one on the great influencers of the Dutch mushroom industry. With a background in horticulture, he became involved in the emerging Agaricus sector and worked at the Experimental Station in Horst, and as consultant on farms (as a government extension service officer, before joining the Experimental Station). He was the founder and director of the CCO, the 'Mushroom School' in Horst (1963) where he taught the ins and outs of mushroom growing for 20 years, and where his wife Mariette worked as well. In 1961, he wrote his first handbook 'Modern Mushroom Growing' that was published and translated in many languages. For this, he received the prestigious Sinden Award of the British MGA. In 1983 he and his wife left for the USA, where Vedder continues his research and consultancy on an international level at Campbell Soup, at that moment the biggest mushroom producer world wide. After some years in Italy and Indonesia, the Vedders moved to the USA for good (1993), but they have always kept a keen interest in the mushroom industry ever since (see also page 14).

Vedder and his wife are not the only specialists who took on the gargantuan task of writing a comprehensive mushroom cultivation manual. You had Bels and Atkins and Kligman and later Van Griensven. But only the latter and Vedder's book seem to have stood the test of time and are still being sought after today. In this new 'Modern Mushroom Growing 2020 - Harvesting', that was just published, the Vedders have put all their love for the sector and their combined knowledge of 60 years (!).

If the book will have a 'historic impact' as Tim Adlington says in his foreword, remains to be seen. Although the Vedders have invested a lot of time in updating this handbook to 2020, you can notice here and there, that they have been absent in the corridors of the modern mushroom farm for some time. The photo material says the same. Having said that, much of the basic scientific knowledge and practical know-how of mushroom cultivation has not changed in a revolutionary way last few decennia. And if someone earned the right to put all these founding principles of growing and harvesting in one big tome again, then it is Vedder. Plus, the need for a book like this is still there, especially for beginning growers. But also as a professional, you really need to have these 450 highly readable pages on your shelf or on your e-reader. In the Amazon store now. 

Next to photo: The new English title and the Dutch second print 1964 edition of Modern Mushroom Growing.


Some Footnotes:

*Pieter was not the 'director' but the Principal...

Cartoon done by Mac the same artist that did Fred C. Atkins' cartoon: 

Here is the English and Dutch... so those 'Dutch/English speaking (Dinglish I call it always!) can see for themselves.

*Our book was never intended as any advertisement for supplies, equipment or whatever.

Contrary to Mushroom Business, that exists for a big part because of advertisements.

Our book had ZERO sponsors, all done by ourselves, with the only aim to educate, and there is to our knowledge not a single book out there that covers mushroom growing entirely, and in a comprehensive way.

Also about Pests & Diseases, there is NONE that covers it from A to Z, like we did.

*In the Amazon store now, is an understatement, as it is available at over 40,000 - Just a minor detail...

Above I've highlighted: When you self-publish with IngramSpark, you are plugged in to one of the publishing industry's largest global book distribution networks, including access to over 40,000...

Where in the World are Your Books?
IngramSparks connects your book to print and book distribution channels all over the world. In addition to Ingram's print facilities in the US, UK, and Australia, you can also take advantage of Ingram's print partnerships in China, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, and Brazil. Simply enter a price for each market available and/or check the Global Connect box from your IngramSpark account (for me, the publisher that is!), and your book will be available for in-country book printing and speedy fulfillment to all of these places locally. Reach global readers faster than ever before.

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1982 Sinden Award for Pieter at The Hotel Majestic, Harrogate, England

Monday, November 23, 2020

My 3rd trip to India - Consulting and Harvesting Video

 On Friday morning, February 28, we had packed our suitcases after our consulting period. 

We went one last time to the Pond's India mushroom farm... with our luggage.

They wanted to video tape me, about harvesting and certain picking techniques.

Still treasure that tape, however it is not in good quality - lots of back noise!

When clicking on watch on YouTube and viewing it on your PC, you find below the clickable information about what I am talking.

02 28 1992 Pond's India Picking Techniques

Hoping that some mushroom growers still find this training video beneficial for paying close attention to Mushroom Quality Criteria. 

Most is in the hands of harvesters!

Like previous videos, this also can function as a kind of Technology Transfer Seminar...

We both received a silk embroidery work as a gift; identical pieces for Team Vedder.

You can see that in a previous post below.

We left our high tops with the poor souls that were working barefoot in the hot 50-70°C compost! 

After lunch we left for Coimbatore and later by train to Madras. See post below.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Short Suit with Slouch Socks

 Coming back from my consulting work in Germany, on Wednesday, June 3, 1987, I did guide a Dutch gentleman and friend, Jan Thielen. He had picked me up at my Parents' and we enjoyed the privilege of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines' business class 'Van Gogh' room to relax. A great luxury, due to my courtesy card.

While Pieter was in Australia and New Zealand, I'd also gone the day before, to the cremation of Pieter's former boss, in The Netherlands and met with lots of friends.

Now we landed in Atlanta, and it happened to RAIN so heavily, due to a tropical thunder storm!

Luckily I had stuffed my leather travel bag, with an extra coat, just to fill it up.

Now we each had a coat, for hanging over our head... I used my Burberry trench coat.

We hung the wet coats in the back of the car, over the luggage and drove home.

Jan, politely had asked me to press his business suit as his pants still had gotten the full load from the rain, below the coat...

He was one of our many house guests and he used our guest bedroom.

Next day we all three had breakfast on the patio, and Pieter went with Jan to the Campbell mushroom plant.

Nicely cuffed... The 'Short Suit' click for link
Pieter called me from the Mall in the late afternoon, and asked if I joined them, as Jan wanted to buy a tennis racket for son Ruud.
 At said store, I found myself white slouch socks! As I was wearing in previous post...
Then, I held a pack of black slouch socks up to Jan and said: You ought to buy these, for wearing with your business suit! 

Like this, dress shoes with black slouch socks, as husband Pieter is showing off here.

To Jan I continued: Well... I better tell you the truth now. Those knees were so saggy, I had not succeeded in pressing the middle pleat neatly back again. 
SO, I had to cut them off instead and changed them into some neat short suit pants, again WITH cuff, just like before.
I will NEVER forget Jan's face as he looked at me. He did NOT buy those black slouch socks and he hastily went to have the racket rung up and we went home.
He then did scoot straight from the garage, through our kitchen into the hallway, to his guest bedroom.
I could hear him yell out: HERE IT HANGS, NEATLY PRESSED!
He told me that he believed me, as I told him I'd altered it as it was not possible to modify it.
We all three had a good laugh!
But frankly, I would have loved to pull off this prank, videotaping it, of course.
Next day, I drove with Jan again to the airport in Atlanta and did change his flight from Texas to Florida and brought him to the gate for his departure to Texas.
Went shopping for Pieter at Muses in Lenox Square, Atlanta where I found 3 Burberry polo shirts for Pieter for Father's Day and some Lagerfeld cologne. 

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Then and Now

 On July 23 of 1987, I did join Pieter on a trip to the Division Office for Campbell's Soup mushroom business. 

My very first visit actually.

Wearing my high tops and slouch socks with my jeans skirt...
Yes, it's me!

Okay, I turned around for you...

Photo taken in our hallway on November 17, 2020... 33 years later!

That is one of my favorite jeans skirts; STILL!
Faded but I will never manage to wear this one out...
Only the buttons I've altered, they are closer together.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

WEEPING MUSHROOM P.J.C. Vedder's Photo of the Year

 Yes, that's RIGHT!


P.J.C. Vedder's photo that got elected as Photo of the Year for the 1958 Dutch mushroom magazine De Champignoncultuur

Same photo got published in the 5th Dutch edition, the English version on page 386, seen here above. 
As well in the French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Chinese versions.

This photo is by Dré Brenneker, Venlo/The Netherlands
Pieter knew Dré personally, from the photo club!

Foto van het jaar
"Een champignon huilt tranen met tuiten!"

Photo of the year
"A mushroom cries like a rain-water spout!"

In our new book: Modern Mushroom Growing 2020 Harvesting on pages 419, 420, 443 and 440 you will also find information about 'Weeping' mushrooms. 

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Sunday, November 15, 2020

R.I.P. Sweet Barty Boy

 On October 28, 2020 we had to let our sweet Barty boy go...

Tried hard to comfort him and to keep him healthy, with some more meds from vet Amanda.

He did not eat his wet food with the antibiotics after two days of 'accepting' it being added.

Other meds, I managed but there was no improvement.

I'd stayed with him for a total of two weeks, in the Rose Suite, a kind of a kitty hospice... for letting him have his rest, feeling loved and cared for. Yes, like a baby, feeding him many times little meals.

But on Wednesday, October 28, we had vet Amanda come to our home and inside the Rose Suite, in my arms he went to eternity... peacefully.

I'd carried him outside one final time to meet all of his siblings by adoption and for being one last time inside the gazebo, his favorite spot. 

Then I let him lounge on the lawn, close to the walkway from the driveway towards the Rose Suite.

He was so happy, so at peace and that felt good!


Before supper time for his siblings, I placed him inside the kitty bed in the garage so they all knew he was gone... We have done so also with Sacha girl before.

After having our tea and mixed nuts, we went together to the spot behind the greenhouse, for his burial.

That was it. 

Barty Vedder: March 17, 2004 - October 28, 2020

16 years and 7 months...

On Thursday afternoon, June 17, 2004 over a cup of tea, we spotted this adorable kitten 'SALEM'... (right) in our local newspaper.
He so resembled my Dutch kitten Bartje...
So next day, after Rotary Club lunch, Pieter went to the Humane Society to look at them, he got to see also NOISY, his sister.
Then we both went back to get SALEM!
It was love at first sight, Barty as we called him instead, did suck on my earlobe while holding him and also on my pinky... 
We took  this 1.4 kg (3 pound) kitten home with us.
I held him and never put him back in his cage. His sister already got adopted, so I've never seen her.
We took him home to our other Spooky boy, who met his baby brother with such love.
He gave him a 'bath' and cuddled him like he was his Mama, and that for a male cat.
June 27, Spooky our tuxedo boy with Barty-baby on the oak hocker with cotton mat, in front of our veranda door.
On July 08, 2005, Pieter holding our now mature Barty boy...
He had big eyes!
August 11, 2005, me holding Barty
His big eyes could look right into one's soul...
Barty had a few white hair on his chest and also his whiskers on one side were lighter.
Here he is on March 29, 2007 on the wood trail in our garden.
This is so adorable!
Barty holding and comforting his baby brother Bandido on August 13, 2007 after Bandido got neutered...
Like: 'Come here; I know how that feels!'
Seen here is Barty's white pluck of hair on his under belly...
June 30, 2008 shows Barty on top of the oak wall unit in the living room.
He jumped on top, from the backrest of our leather love seat!
Barty was quite an artist in jumping high...
September 12, 2008 Barty in the gazebo, his favorite spot...
Photo taken by Anita, our Foster Daughter from Indonesia, who stayed with us at the time.
She also stayed with us when Barty still was a young kitten and they both loved each other very much!
Barty on his 5th Birthday, March 17 of 2009, in front of the  open window with screen, in our bathroom.
He sure loved that spot, where he could hear and watch the birdies...
August 16, 2011 on the walkway to the Rose Suite with our gazebo in the back.
Just about 20 minutes before his death, I had let him lounge in the grass, exactly in this spot, seen to the right...
Whenever we were in the garden, most of our kittens were following us.
So did Barty on October 7, 2011 when he wanted to show off his climbing skills.
He rushed up into this Crepe Myrtle tree, behind our gazebo.
Here too, you clearly can see his white spot on the underbelly...
October 7, 2011 after Barty jumped down and looking like; did you see this Mami?
Yes, we saw you do this and we also see your white underbelly...
A pensive Barty on August 18, 2012 on the lawn...
Here Barty is in dreamland... underneath the wooden cherubs.
He slept on the European square pillow, which is under our standard pillow.
Photo from July 13, 2012
July 13, 2012 closeup of Barty smiling... He sure was a happy kitten!
March 10, 2013, once again on the wood trail...
Barty lounging in front of our gazebo on April 3, 2014. 
He also loved to lounge on the two side benches or on a chair.
Barty on his Birthday, March 17 of 2015, on the tiny brick patio below the stairs to our veranda.
In the evening, Barty very much was my office kitty!
Here he lounges on my previous office chair on August 24, 2015
Barty was a perfect lap kitty!!!
Barty on February 20, 2016, on top of the retainer wall alongside the driveway.
Lounging inside the gazebo on April 2, 2017...
Barty lounging on top of the guest bed, on one of their kitty blankets.
This was April 5, 2018
This is Barty on May 5, 2020... already a lot skinnier and you clearly can see his white whiskers.
On his final day his weight was 3 kg or 6.6 pound...
This very sweet and gentle boy will be so missed!
He has been my special cat nurse, see post below: Angels Birthdays & Fortunes.
No doubt they do have a great sense for feeling someone's well being!
He could literally put his 'arms' around my neck, so comforting... Will sure miss that but we both are grateful for having had him this long. 
He was like a special black angel; almost hard to believe that he was a kitty!
Those that never have had such a special pet, probably can't understand, but those that do know, will recognize this special affection and their loyal love.

R.I.P. Sweet Barty Boy

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Driving to Atlanta back and forth for Dutch Queen's Day

 Sure, after learning that we had to move away from Georgia, we both went on April 30, 1988 together to the Dutch Queen's Day in Atlanta with our Dutch Consul and other Dutchmen.

Since we planned to drive back the very same day, I wore comfy shoes and changed while at the reception.

Still have that Christian Dior suit but I've shortened the skirt!

A birthday present that we found at Macy's while being in San Francisco on my Birthday in 1987.

Here you see the Christian Dior suit with jacket and proper shoes, that I did carry in the car!

Both we kept our jackets on a coat hanger in the car...

Posing next to our lantern

At a truckers stop, we made these photos for my Dad, from the typical American road giants, like this Peterbilt...

My dream always had been back then, to view the entire USA from East to West, from the cabin of a truck and also from South to North. 
IF I had had a relative in that business, I would have teamed up I guess, but we had no connections!
So, just hanging onto this Freightliner...

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Pieter Also did Paint Kitchen and Bathrooms

 Both of us always have preferred a LIGHT home, as it is a lot more cheerful!

So when we bought our previous home, newly built and us being its first owners, we did not like the dark wood everywhere.

Kitchen cabinets were in a drab and dark wood color...

You notice the Mushroom Family, with baby in the cradle?

This is the kitchen after Pieter painted it white...
Left is the door to the veranda, to the right the door went into the dining room and straight forward was an opening with two steps down into the living room. 
Kind of ODD!
On the right side, you just can see the doorknob that went into the garage...

We put in a new stove, new dishwasher.
Underneath the cabinet you just can see the kitchen's bay window area, with breakfast table and chairs.

Our choice of dishwasher, which was not as noisy as the one that came with the home!

Even the bathrooms had such drab looking dark wooden cabinets.

Those solid oak indoor shutters, Pieter installed himself, in the entire house.

Just like we have in our present home, painted white.

We put new wallpaper and painted the cabinets white.

Those sliding and mirrored tub doors, Pieter also installed.

Brother Harry did put in the floor tiles, for both bathrooms while he was here in 1986 for a 'vacation'. He also helped Pieter install a garage door.

We of course, all four of us, did go in–between to Florida! 

As well as other trips.

Guest bathroom with white cabinets and new tiles.
There was carpet in both bathrooms and for hygiene purposes, that was not our European standard...
Happy for having old photos archived...


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