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Here I would love to share with you our travels and adventures as international mushroom consultants. MEMOIRS about husband Pieter Vedder, who was a SCIENTIFIC PIONEER in Mushroom Cultivation Education. His practical handbook is in 8 languages and is called the MUSHROOM BIBLE: https://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/2020/08/modern-mushroom-growing-2020-harvesting.html

Thursday, July 29, 2021

The FIGHT of Growing Grass in Subtropical Georgia/USA

 As most of you know, both husband Pieter and I got born with dirt under our fingernails... being the son and/or daughter of a professional market gardener. Growing fruits and vegetables, delivering to the auction for supplying grocery stores.
So... that made us knowledgeable for starting a GARDEN; right?
We had moved into our newly built home in November of 1990... 
Here I am on August 11, 1991 looking in horror at all the soil that got washed out from heavy rain, such as often in summer in subtropical Georgia.
We just got back on August 9, from work and living in Indonesia...
So after pulling weeds for one day and Pieter working with his weed eater, it was me on the shovel to fill wheelbarrows. Yes, we had two of them!
Pieter in turn wheeled them to the spot for filling it in.
Where did I shovel all that dirt?
Under the newly built house, where after opening the metal door in our staircase area I screamed because we were looking at a mountain of dirt. 
Yes, our 'not-so-great-contractor' left it all there and just built the foundation around.
We dug out a big section as we needed it desperately here and later in 1995 we dug out more. 
In 2004, husband Pieter dug out the remaining 60 tons (!) for filling in on the left side of our garden and constructing the Rose Suite. See posts below.
Oh, life can be so very glamorous!
Did wear my new bikini while at the shovel beneath the hot/humid home in the basement... 
Bikini had arrived in the mail.
This was it, a Gottex bikini with a silk cover up...
Haha, nice and glamorous work uniform don't you think so?
Easy for jumping right under the shower after the day is over and rinsing it all off.
Pieter did the heavy pushing of the wheelbarrow and filling in of the dirt, while having his implant lens out of place... As got diagnosed in the morning. He went next day, after this big job, for the re-positioning of his lens under a light anesthesia.
Rest of the day relaxing... (Pieter!).
On August 20, we put a mixture of spent compost with peat moss between our azaleas as each tropical rain shower washed out the dirt. Hoping they will grow and spread out faster and hold on to the soil!
Oh, on May 16, the previous time off from our work/living in Indonesia (we were there two months at the time...) we both had laid these cross tires in the spots we wanted.
A company that took care of our garden, had laid them and not to our liking.
Yes, those suckers are heavy but we managed.
That lantern now was in the wrong spot and Pieter moved that at another later time ...
So much to handle in the four weeks we got off from work in Indonesia!
On August 28, we went again to a certain low spot near a larger creek behind the street where we used to live. We dug up nice patches of grass to fill in the bare spots where everything got washed out from heavy rains...
Our heavy duty wheelbarrow ready for a ride!
Pieter with his heavy duty spade!
Yes, we used our Mercury Sable wagon very intense, after bringing it back home from working/living in Italy...
It got cleaned up well for carrying our suitcases again on September 1, when we would fly back to work and living in Indonesia... 😉
The wagon could then rest for two months at the parking lot of Atlanta Airport... 
Grabbing those sods by their sprites and helping unload.
We always worked as a team!
Unloading some right at the trouble spot...
HOPING they will stand their ground this time!
Yes, the lawn is still covered with straw in order to avoid further erosion...
Living on such a steep slope for sure was not easy to start growing grass!
But with perseverance we managed.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Silver Mushrooms

 Sure, being immersed into MUSHROOMS there has to be a SILVER ONE!
This is my personal collection on a Le Jacquard Français placemat...
Gold plated silver earrings in the shape of a mushroom; a silver charm with its lamellae beautifully worked in and a silver plated salt & pepper set.
Uploaded by the ISMS from the Mushroom Journal September 1978 ←(click link) is this on page 292
A solid silver mushroom charm, specially designed for the MGA (Mushroom Growers' Association) in connection with the Woman's Own competition. 
Silver-plated salt and pepper pots are also included.
The charm weighs a quarter of an ounce.
Placed these silver mushroom treasures on top of two lovely Mushroom Cookbooks
To the left you find The Mushroom Cookbook ←click link
A bit closer for showing these treasures...
Again a different angle
Showing the top of the silver charm, with its ring for allowing the necklace to go through
Detail of the made in Italy Salt & Pepper set
And once more now with the silver charm being turned around...

Do any of you have Silver Mushrooms?

Sunday, July 25, 2021

John Miller, OAM was a Longtime Mushroom Friend of husband Pieter

 Photo below shows a happy John Miller, OAM on his 90th Birthday!

There is a mention also of him starting in 1955 to farm orchard fruit and vegetables. But the following years, seven floods devastated the farm "with all our crops washed away: and he moved to higher ground in the Hills to begin growing mushrooms.
Active in the Australian Mushroom Growers Association (AMGA), Mr Miller promoted the use of locally grown mushrooms and worked to unite farmers across the country. He was also instrumental in establishing a research facility at Rydalmere to improve productivity of local farms as chief executive of the association in the 1970s, and travelled to France in 1978 as part of Australia's successful bid to host the 1981 international (mushroom) farmer's conference. (ISMS = International Society for Mushroom Science)
"Five hundred leading mushroom growers and research scientists from all over the world came to Australia to teach us the latest technology," he said.
The ISMS uploaded the AMGA issue 1 of 2021
Below is page 29...
Vale (Farewell): John Miller
The mushroom industry has lost one of its most significant and distinguished leaders, with the passing of John Miller, OAM, at the age of 91. 
John was an Icon of the industry and was often referred to as "Mr Mushroom". He first took on the honorary position of Public Relations and Promotions Officer at the AMGA in 1969, and in 1973 was appointed to the permanent position of General Manager.
In his final General Manager's report in 1991/92, his commitment to the industry is more than evident. 

The AMGA office was run from our own home to keep overheads down. Beryl handled all phone enquiries besides is running around promoting"fresh mushrooms"and fighting the many mushroom industry problems that kept arising. Making sure mushrooms were ordered from farms for me to deliver to home economists, cookery editors and photographers.
Checked recipes for our leaflets to go into shops, monitored the press clipping service and consumer requests. Beryl's behind-the-scenes support has been a major contributing factor, for which I'm most grateful, in maintaining the service required by this industry.

John promoted the use of locally grown mushrooms and worked to unite farmers across the country. He was instrumental in establishing a research facility at Rydalmere to improve productivity of local farms, and commanded support and loyalty from the AMGA membership – which reflected not only in the growth of the Industry but also the ability of the Industry to manage that growth.

John was a life honorary member of the AMGA, and he will be remembered not only for his intellectual contributions, but also for his kindness and the welcoming personality that the extended to everyone.

In addition to his mushroom industry activities, John was a proud regional ambassador for the Hawkesbury area. He served as the chief warden for the Hawkesbury State Emergency Service, establishing an early flood warning system for the region. He also served as the social secretary of the Hawkesbury Historical Society and was declared an Ambassador for the Hawkesbury for his passion in promoting the rich heritage of the area.

A report in the local Hawkesbury Gazette also credits him as a driving force behind a third river crossing from Richmond to North Richmond, as well as being an advocate for the construction of a Centre for Excellence in aged in dementia care for Hawkesbury's aging population.
In 2018 he received an Order of Australia medal for his services to the community.

A loving family man, and valued colleague—we will miss him.

On the side is being mentioned his book, shown below:
What a wonderful job, here the true John Miller as a historian shines through...
A great writer and heritage preserver!
This picture shows also the open-air mushroom growing like in my previous post: Open-Air Mushroom Growing in South Sweden ←click link
So happy that we reconnected in time again and hearing from John & Beryl.
A very warm email letter we received on March 26, 2018
John even writes a kind of editorial review for Pieter: We have fond memories of your visits to Australia, and the great breath of fresh air you brought with you, to improve our out of date mushroom cultural techniques in this country. It was the start of a revolution in making us more efficient and competitive.
Our Australian mushroom growers will be eternally grateful for the great contribution you made in initially opening many new doors for us in the World of Mushroom Culture, and your leadership at the Dutch school in Horst, Holland, which many Australians have attended.
What a treasure for having received this in a timely manner...
Also, John & Beryl got all my Australia posts sent to them to read; feels so good.
R.I.P. dear friend and we keep forever fond memories of you both!

Beryl, no doubt is one half of another Blissful Relationship, may she find the strength for going on without her loving husband/partner...

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Friday, July 23, 2021

Our Australia Adventure of Escaping Flooded Hawkesbury River area via ONLY Bridge NOT UNDER WATER...

After finishing our work for Campbell Soup's mushroom farm in Australia, we flew from Melbourne to Sydney, where our mushroom friends picked us up. 
We stayed with our Mushroom related Australian friends in their newly built home on the rocks, overlooking the Hawkesbury River...
The dark rooftop in the form of a cross more or less, is where we were staying...
We had previously spent the day in Sydney and they took us to Centre Point, Captain Cook Luncheon Cruise & Opera House, see post about it below.
Next day on July 3, 1988 we went to the BLUE MOUNTAINS with Hawkesbury Valley Heritage Tours.
Visited the Katoomba & Jenolan Caves, all arranged and carried out by our great Mushroom friends! Again you find those two previous posts below...
July 4: We enjoyed a dinner together with 58 mushroom farmers + spouses. John Miller had organized that.
It was almost overwhelming... 
July 5, on Tuesday I devoted my time to giving harvesting training while Pieter met with 3 compost makers. A relaxed evening at home with our friends, watching the movie of The Man From Snowy River.
July 6, Wednesday we got an urgent wakeup call with the mention: HURRY! We must leave NOW—look out of the window and you know WHY!!! We heard and saw a foaming and roaring river; already 3 m (9.84 ft) above bridgelevel! 
A large flood of the Hawkesbury River.
We hurried packing up and grabbed a bite and started our journey north through the mountains, for reaching the ONLY high enough bridge to cross this Hawkesbury River Monster, then going South to the Sydney airport for our flight back to San Francisco, USA on Qantas Airlines...
Our friends still had to drive home and IF LUCKY, could cross back over the river!
We all were fortunate that no fallen trees were blocking the road...
The place our mushroom friends lived was Ebenezer and you can see the Hawkesbury River winding like a snake through the mountains...
We arrived at Sydney airport around noon for our 14:00 o'clock flight. 
What an adventure, I was so car sick from the windy road through the mountains at a rather high speed, since our friends had to make it back again for reaching home themselves!
After vomiting and not much eating, we arrived in 13 hours + 25 minutes non-stop in San Francisco with tailwind.
Our suitcases did not arrive... and we drove home and got there around 22:00 o'clock with 14 hours time difference!
On July 7, our suitcases got delivered by 18:00 o'clock...
A most memorable trip home!
It will flood again ← short 5.59 min. video
Five of the 10 largest floods since the record flood of 1867 have occurred since Warragamba Dam was completed in 1960. The last major flood was in 1990.
One of those 10 was the one we dealt with in 1988...
The Monster Hawkesbury River got 12.2 m (40 feet) above normal...
It can be so devastating...!
February 17, 2013 in the Sydney Morning Herald
Our mushroom friend John Miller has always been so active in fighting the flooding!
February 16, 2018 in the Hawkesbury Gazette
Second crossing: John Miller and floodplain committee member Maurie Smith on the corner of Kurrajong and Chapel Roads, Richmond, where there has been a proposal for a second bridge. Picture: Geoff Jones.
John Miller received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his exceptional contributions!
In 1986 John Miller had become the Hawkesbury State Emergency Service chief warden, enlisting 250 others with local knowledge to establish an early flood warning network.
Of course, Mr Miller was also well known as a driving force behind a third river crossing from Richmond to North Richmond...

John Miller was very active in this and surely deserved receiving this OAM!

Both of us owe John Miller the idea of also installing a quiet bathroom heater fan with lights! We got 3 installed and LOVE this 'warming' luxury during the cold season.
Having to travel all the way down under for learning about that! 

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

New Green Deal

 Husband Pieter got his New Green Deal...
Pieter's virgin ride on Sunday... on his Fern Metallic (Green) Vale Go! 9D EQ S Electra Bike
Outfitted with 2, 9-liter Pannier bags for shopping.
New Trek Atlanta Cycling jersey in a safe color for getting noticed. Edward Hall from Atlanta Cycling - Vinings was excellent in providing the greatest courtesy!
It was hard for finding a Vale Go! 9D EQ S as there seems to be a high demand.
This bike has a great shock absorber seat, important for Pieter as he's had his tailbone shifted due to his brother's prank for kicking his chair away... 
My Vale Go! 9D EQ in a color Zinc as in March the Fern Green was not available...
Mine is also just matte black instead of a combination with light color on Pieter's new green deal.
Such lush fields due to plenty of rain all spring and summer...
This is where we captured the photos on our 29.53 kilometer or 18.34 mile ride.
Me overlooking the Oconee River. It always looks 'muddy'...
Yes, I'm still a 'chain slave', wearing my 22kt gold chain around my waist since I bought it in Indonesia in 1990. It usually stays on, except for surgery or special things where no metals are allowed. It just is peaking out here on the left...
My happy 92-year old biker with his New Green Deal from Trek Atlanta Cycling
Wearing his 18kt gold chain + cross from Tane, Mexico City.
It got blessed by the German Jesuit Siegfried Binzler in Jakarta, Indonesia whom we worked with for our fight against the Leprosy STIGMA: {Like Princess Diana, I also Tried to Tackle the Leprosy Stigma}
Swapped it the day before, for the male Trek Verve+ 3.
Courtesy of a dear friend, lending me her Ford Expedition for transporting bike.
Boys of 92+ are not that flexible anymore for swinging the leg over, for mounting their bike!
This solution is so much better, easy on/off and also the wheels are a bit wider and it has more torque due to the S model.

If only the rain will stay away, so we can plan our bike rides and enjoy our blissful relationship on wheels!
Our way of trying to live healthy as Pieter's heart surgeon advised, after doing the quadruple bypass + angioplasty in his neck: {BIG HEART ON THE MEND} post with more info and also below that post...
And yes, prayers do work and we both are grateful to God for each additional day being granted together!

Are you biking?
Are you praying?

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Monday, July 19, 2021

Our Garden at the Time we had Access to Spent Mushroom Compost

 After retirement and living and working in Indonesia we slowly could start establishing our garden.
The BEST years were when we had access to the Spent Mushroom Compost!
Mixing that in with the rather poor soil we have here, with hardly any waterholding capacity... did the trick.

This will give you an idea about how things USED to look, with the usage of that miracle Spent Mushroom Compost...

Mushroom Cultivation's BONUS!

When viewed on YouTube you can find lots of clickable links below video about things from the video... ENJOY!

{205 Winfield Road Then and Now} | post that we talk about in video
{Our Backyard Wildlife HABITAT Certificate from August 1997} | post about our Certificate
{Mistery Oma Rose Resolved!} | post about roses from my Grandma from clippings...
{Walk Our Wood Trail With Me + Helen Curtis Azalea} | as seen in video
{Our Exotic Sesbania punicea  - Scarlet Wisteria} | the mystery plant in video...
Husband Pieter's Design for the Campbell Mushroom Plants in Dublin, GA and Hillsboro, TX | as mentioned early on in video

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Our Biking Trip

 On Sunday, July 4th we went both biking and had the road almost to ourselves...
Did use Relive for capturing the area to see it from above!
This yellow marking below gives you also a good idea about the hilly area we live in.
There are two rather steep hills with first a 9.6% grade, followed by a 10.9% grade...
The picture from a large field with green plants, is one of Georgia peanut plants. Plenty for harvest later around December!

Thursday, July 15, 2021

We have enjoyed quite a showcase of Hydrangeas this summer!

So far we have enjoyed a very fertile spring and summer with LOTS of rain and thunder.
Perfect for a garden but not so great if you would love to bike...!
On our bay windowsill in the kitchen, inside a Wedgwood Cream Color on Cream Color (Plain Edge) bowl from Replacements Ltd.
Detail of the beautiful Hydrangea flowers...
On the left is a purple Mophead  Hydrangea and a Hydrangea Macrophylla Ayesha to the right. 
Colors are so intense this summer!
Have you enjoyed Hydrangeas this summer?

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Delivering Funds to Dena Upakara in Wonosobo, Indonesia where Foster Daughter Anita hails from

 On June 17 of 1995, we did hand deliver the donations from our local Rotary Club of Dublin, Georgia, USA
Delivering the Rotary Club of Dublin, Georgia, USA money to the Dena Upakara boarding school for girls with a hearing impediment.
Pieter handing the US $ 500.00 that we both hand carried to Indonesia when traveling for our consulting work.
A sure way for having 100% of the funds being delivered, and used for the cause!
Happy smiles!
We again delivered the US $ 500 from Rotary Club of Dublin, Georgia, USA on July 2, 1996
Several of the girls from the boarding school were present as we came to deliver the funds.
Remember, that we used to have about 16 of these girls, come to our home while living and working in Indonesia.
We became their substitute Papa & Mama, as they only ONCE got to see their real Parents during their vacation, as most did not have the means for coming to Central Java to visit them.
On December 15, 1990, when living in Wonosobo we visited Dena Upakara and got to talk to Sister Henricia van Vijfeijke in Dutch! 
Sister Henricia was from the Congregation Daughters of Mary and Joseph, who have a commitment to the deaf, blind and disabled. Founded in 1820 and they went to Brazil, Congo, China and Indonesia.
Surprise to us that she also happened to be a first cousin of Padre Juan Janssen who married us, in Chile; he sure blessed our blissful relationship!
We did present her after our work on December 18, with an article about her first cousin in Chile.
Small world! 
Things happen for a reason...

We have our foster daughter Anita from this very boarding school!

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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Delivering Funds to Brother Petrus Hendriks at Don Bosco in Wonosobo, Indonesia

 Already on December 14 in 1986, did I join Pieter for a visit to Don Bosco as the boarding school was called, where several Catholic Brothers of Charity taught boys with a hearing impediment. 
While living and working in Indonesia, we also frequently borrowed Dutch books from their extensive library.
Here on June 2, 1996,  husband Pieter hands the US $ 500.00 from our local Rotary Club of Dublin, Georgia, USA.
Brother Hendriks of course was very happy and grateful for receiving this help!
Two of the boarding school's boys are in this photo.
This boarding school is following the Dutch concept of the institute for the deaf, in St.-Michielsgestel, the Netherlands. Meaning, they are being taught the oral method and not sign language. That way they are not being singled out from society, due to the restriction of only sign language and its therefore very limited access to communication.
Reading lips and having had intensive training for speech articulation, using a mirror and by placing the index and middle finger on the throat, of both toddler and teacher, they learn to mimic the vowels and feel its special vibration in the throat.
Children's 'remaining hearing' is used to its maximum, and that often requires such hearing aids!
Another photo as proof of delivery...
On the left, in the boy's ear you clearly can see the hearing device they used at the boarding school.
Brother Petrus (Piet) Hendriks smiling happily on June 17, 1995 when we hand delivered the previous US $ 500.00
It meant a lot for them, being able to purchase some hearing aids for helping the children with a hearing impediment at this special boarding school.
Now back to the very first time that I joined Pieter to visit Don Bosco in Wonosobo, Indonesia. Pieter had been there previously and knew there were Dutch Brothers of Charity.
So here we are, seated around the table with a coffee or tea and Brother Piet Hendriks asked where I hailed from.
From Horst in Limburg, I said, mentioning my town and province... in the Netherlands.
Oh, he said from where in Horst?
Then I replied from the Afhang... and he shifted to the edge of his seat and said, oh then we can continue in your dialect as my Parents came from Horst as well!
My Uncle Antoon Hendriks lived there he said, and yes, I do recall the age old home where he lived, only two homes away from where I got born!
UNREAL for being able to speak in your own dialect, when traveling from the USA to Indonesia... and meeting someone that knows.
Upon mentioning that my Dad will never believe this incredible story, Brother Hendriks scribbled down this note for my Dad to read:
Brother Piet Hendriks
Uncle Antoon (Toon) Hendriks
Opa (Grandfather): Derix
Used to be baker, later petroleum seller.
Mother: Marie van den Oliezoes (a dialect nickname, as often was the case back then).
We learned that in Horst, there is a street named after that Uncle from Brother Piet Hendriks:
Toon Hendriksstraat (Toon Hendriksstreet).
Thanks to hometown blogger Wim Moorman (nephew of my high school friend Julia) from Horst sweet Horst I got some information via another mutual historiography/writer friend Jan Janssen.
Turned out that in 1965, a written request was made for having a street named after Toon Hendriks:
On behalf of the board, I would like to draw your attention to what we consider to be a very deserving Horstenaar.
This is: "Antoon Hendriks, born March 22, 1888 in Horst, died August 5, 1961". This Antoon Hendriks is a pioneer of the workers' movement in Horst. He has been a member for more than 40 years and a member of the board of construction workers for more than 35 years. In the beginning of the workers' movement in Horst, he was fired several times for his membership. Much incomprehension and poverty was his part, but nevertheless Toon persevered.
He was an example and inspiration to other board members,  by personally working with all his strengths for his fellow workers.
The community of Horst, and especially the workers, owe a lot to him, although Toon never wanted to know about thanks.
He preferred to work behind the scenes, without noting he toiled for his fellow humans. Antoon Hendriks has been dead for 3.5 years, so occasionally his name is still mentioned at board meetings. It would be a nice posthumous gift if this name could be preserved for posterity.
On behalf of the board N.K.V. Horst-centrum
So glad that this posthumous honor has been bestowed by naming a street after him!

The nephew from above Toon Hendriks, Brother Piet (Petrus) Hendriks passed away suddenly on January 26, 2010
Brother Petrus Hendriks was a member of the Congregation Brothers of Charity who are active in care and education.
After his education and study at the institute for the deaf, in St.-Michielsgestel, the Netherlands, he went to Indonesia in 1964. His place of employment was Wonosobo, (where we also lived for about three years while working in Indonesia).

Provincial Councillor of the Indonesian Region of Rama Sandjaja. 
In Wonosobo he showed unlimited commitment in the service of the deaf child. Day and night, around the clock, he was always ready during class hours and in the boarding school. He is remembered as one of the institute's best principals. He did his job with full commitment. 
His spiritual life was an example to his fellow brothers. He was committed to everyone and brought religious life into daily practice. His picture is still in the school of Wonosobo. The Rama Sandjaja Region is still grateful to him and the memory of him lives on. 
In 1998 he was asked to work in Tanzania at the Brothers of Charity's hearing impediment school... He didn't stay there long because he got sick. He returned to the Netherlands and, after a rest period, went to Roermond, where he was appointed Superior. He was also appointed Provincial Councillor.
In 2001 he became the first Superior in the newly built Monastery Eikenburg. He lived there for nine years, with great pleasure. His health slowly deteriorated, but he was committed as a coster in the chapel of the Monastery and as an altar boy in the great chapel. 
Brother Petrus was a modest man, he had enough on his puzzle books and his cigarette. 
During his life as a Brother of Charity, Brother Petrus has done a lot of work, for which we are very grateful to him. More than thirty years in Indonesia, briefly in Tanzania, several years in the Provincial Administration and the years in Roermond and at Eikenburg.
Brother Petrus died suddenly, in Eindhoven at Monastery Eikenburg. He was buried after a solemn Eucharist celebration on January 29, at the monastery cemetery there.
We thank the care at Monastery Eikenburg for their efforts during the last years.
May he rest in peace.
He chose the text of the poem on the next page, by Elly Nieman and Rikkert Zuiderveld.
I'm traveling, even though I don't know where. 
But somewhere it was written that I had to go this way, 
And even if I sometimes hesitate along that endless track,
Yet I know:
Someone preceded me, and that's why I'm moving on.
I have no money, no map and no compass.
But I see the signs, and they tell me enough; 
and even if no one answers
on the things I asked,
Yet I know:
At the end, I find hearing, and that's why I'm going to keep going.
I am a bird that spreads its wings;
So I always want to fly beyond the sun.
I am a horse that rides without reins;
But there is someone who leads me and he says, "Come!
Sure, Brother Piet Hendriks, just like his Uncle Toon Hendriks, loved being fully committed to the wellbeing of others!
Both were of a very humble nature and that is why they were great at deeds!
A true example for many, that were fortunate, having known them.
MARIETTE'S BACK TO BASICS © 2009. All rights reserved - Text and images may not be copied for distribution or sale.

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